About Me

Owner, Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist

Being younger I wanted to be a teacher, nurse, and even a real estate agent. I struggled with acne in middle school and high school. I hated how my skin felt and looked. I wanted to help others with the same problem as me.
When I graduated high school I was interested in the beauty industry and loved playing with makeup on my friends. I wanted to have a job that I would enjoy but could help others too. That's how I found a career in Esthetics that would deal with skin care and makeup. 
I wanted to learn how to take care of the skin and your body. From there on I found my love for doing hair as well. Now six years later and four years in business and over 100 brides I now have my dream career and business! 

I live in Silverlake, WA with my little family.
I have an extremely busy life and I wouldn't have it any other way.
I also own an Etsy Shop called PoppiSea'd with my mother
where we sell accessories and clothing for mamas and little ones.

My husband Ryan and my sweet one year old daughter who we call Miss K.


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